Voyager Farebox
The Voyager from Fare Logistics, Corp, is a validating electronic farebox. While the typical farebox will process and securely house monies, the Voyager has the power to do more than the traditional farebox functions.The date centric Voyager is designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable service. It is built around a tough plated steel frame with stainless steel exterior panels designed with security and access in mind. A modular component design permits the farebox to be configured to address specific vending and collection requirements, yet provides adaptability and expansion for future adding functionality. Each off the shelf, service proven, commercially available components was selected to be easily interchanged in a true “plug-and-play” fashion. As such, there is no component customization to hamper end of life replacements. With its industry leading “best in class” functionality, the Voyager processes;

  • ISO/IEC 14443 compliant contactless smart cards.
  • ISO/IEC compliant magnetic stripe cards.
  • Cash  (in a number of currencies)
  • Secure standard Barcode media

The Voyager also issues low cost machine readable media and receipts.

The Driver Display Unit houses the electronic farebox engine. Built around a commercial processor designed for harsh environments with 256Mb of non-volatile expandable memory, the Voyager has processing power that is unmatched. This touch-screen control unit is the perfect combination of functionality and performance to efficiently operate the Voyager Farebox. There is a built in DGPS and WAAS compliant GPS interface, a secure IEEE compliant wireless network interface, and the software for the fare system device. Each Voyager fare transaction and event has over fifteen data elements associated with each record.

The Voyager utilizes a secure wireless communications process to transfer this information to our central system and TransFare™ application, where this information can be reported in one of the many pre-formatted reports provided. The data can also be manipulated into user customized queries using our optional industry leading OLAP cube functionality.



Collier Valley recently shot a demonstration video of their transit upgrades which included our Farebox system – watch the video below for a fantastic demonstration of how Fare Logistics can improve your city or municipality’s collection system.



Pertinent Facts & Statistics


Reliability & Performance

  • Rugged plated steel design
  • Mobile shock & vibration compliant
  • Temperature / humidity monitoring w/ auto fan control
  • Fault tolerant logic controller
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Quick release modular components



  • Size11.3”w by 11.4”d by 36.0”h
  • Shell materialPlated steel with Stainless removable panels
  • MountingRemovable, quick mount
  • Coin Capacity300 cubic inches
  • Bill Capacity                       280 cubic inches


  • Voltage10 to +30VDC, 24VDC nominal
  • Power200W peak, 20W idle
  • ProtectionReverse, over, surge/spike, temperature, internal fuse box


  • Operating Range0°C – +50°C
  • Storage-25°C – +70°C
  • Humidityto 95% RH, non-condensing


  • ISO/IEC 14443 smart media enabled
  • ISO/IEC Magnetic stripe/Barcode reader
  •  Graphic Thermal Printer
  •  Configured to process multi-currency, coins & tokens


  • Electronically identified, secure cashbox
  • Configurable security zones with data logging
  • Electronic login ID, high security locks
  • Logged coin and bill bypass mechanisms
  • IEEE 802.1X and EAP for data downloads


  • 6.4” TFT color high brightness driver display
  • GPS interface
  • Secure Wireless data downloads
  • Audio/visual indicators – Human speech ready
  • SAE-J1708/1587 interface, CAD/AVL interface

Fare Handling

  • Bills (Multi-Currency)All US, CND & EUR
  • Bill Throughput10 bills in 10 seconds
  • Bill OrientationAny
  • Barcode Validation Rate2s
  • Coin Validation Rateup to 10 coins per sec
  • Coins12 different coins/ token signatures
  • Magnetic MediaISO 7810 Tracks 1 &  2
  • Magnetic Validation0.5 seconds
  • Smart Media process0.3 seconds, (on average, depending on requirements)
  • Smart CardsISO/IEC14443, Mifare™

Thermal Printer

  • Thermal Print stockUp to 3.3” (85 mm) wide
  • Paper Caliper0.07” (1.8mm) typical
  • Thermal Print Speed6 inches/sec (152 mm/sec)


For more information on the Voyager Farebox or the other industry leading TransFare™components, please contact us at or call toll free 1-800-264-6227. We will gladly respond.

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