talismTalisman™ – is the cashless ISO/IEC 14443 compliant contactless smart card solution of the Fare Logistics TransFare™ fare system suite. This simple smart media solution provides the transit agency with an alternative fare collection method to cash acceptance and handling.

Compact, and designed to for use on transit vehicles of almost any size – from small shuttle or Paratransit vehicles to standard “city” buses, the Talisman™ solution like all of the TransFare™ suite utilizes off the shelf commercially available components that support the open architecture design Fare Logistics is known to provide.

Talisman™ can be a complete fare system solution, or the device can be combined with an existing farebox or other fare systems device to expand fare system functionality without the need to replace existing assets. Don’t let the outward simplicity of the Talisman™ Cashless Solution fool you, it is a powerful device which would be a welcome addition to any transit agency looking for an economical, flexible alternative solution to cash acceptance. The Talisman™ device will;

  • Processes ISO/IEC 14443 compliant smart media,
  • Optionally programmed to process contactless credit cards,
  • SAE J1708/1587 integration with a 3rd party CAD/AVL system,
  • Uses TransCom™, our secure communications application which is IEEE 802.11g & IEEE 802.1x compliant,
  • Is made up of service proven, commercially available off the shelf components.


For more information on the Talisman™ Cashless Solution or the other industry leading TransFare™ components, please contact us at sales@farelogistics.com or call toll free 1-800-264-6227.  We will gladly respond.

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