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Fare Logistics is in the business of manufacturing, selling and supporting electronic fare collection equipment to the transit industry in the United States and Canada. The company is growing quickly, offering state of the art technology and software. We are looking for great people to join our team. CURRENT OPENINGS:  Experienced Quality Assurance Engineer Position […]

Trade Shows

Oct. 13-15, 2014
APTA Annual Expo & Annual Meeting

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About Us

At Fare Logistics, we innovate fare collection solutions. Superior designs, modular construction, and best in class components give you the most reliable, cutting edge, user-friendly systems available.

Our ingenuity and foresight drive bottom lines. Let us drive yours.

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Save time

Our entire system uses plug-and-play components that can be inventoried and reduce downtime - keeping buses on the road and customers happy. + more


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Save the headache

Access to 24/7 customer support means you always have help when you need it and our enhanced fraud detection and security features gives you peace of mind. + more

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